What is parrot astrology?

Usually, an astrologer , has a parrot in a small cage, when a native wants to know predictions, astrologer asks the name and opens the door of the cage. The bird comes out, and choose a card from a bunch of cards. Then, the astrologer reads the card and tells forecast. Above parrot astrology calculator uses a different calculation by examining the question, and then gives an answer.

Get astrology parrot reading online - Want to tap into psychic powers with parrot astrology? The psychic parrot has psychic advice for making your life empowered and easy. Ask a question to the bird and get a magical generous answer! You can ask a question in English, not only a yes or no type question. Like: When will we get a child?

Our online parrot astrology calculator has a different method, the fortune teller uses astrology calculation and your intuitions, which reflects in your question. Although, questionable nature (not a question, but questionable nature) does same each time, the answer may differ, because the calculation will be based on your question wordings and nature. Sometimes, asking the confusing question, make confuse the bird and cause to give incorrect predictions. Like, if you ask "What will name of my future husband", the answer (No one can tell you a full name!) will generic, but will not a prediction.